The New York State Office of General Services (OGS) is responsible for managing the procurement process for the state government. OGS contracts are an essential part of the procurement process, as they provide a streamlined way for government agencies to purchase goods and services from vendors. Let`s take a closer look at OGS contracts and how they work.

What are OGS Contracts?

OGS contracts are pre-established purchasing agreements between the state government and vendors. These contracts cover a wide range of goods and services, such as office supplies, IT equipment, construction services, and transportation services. OGS contracts enable state government agencies and local governments to purchase goods and services efficiently and at competitive prices, without having to go through the entire procurement process each time.

How are OGS Contracts Awarded?

To be awarded an OGS contract, vendors must go through a competitive bidding process. The bidding process is typically for a specific category of goods or services, such as office supplies or printing services. Vendors must submit a proposal that meets the state`s requirements for that category. The state then evaluates the proposals and selects one or more vendors to provide the goods or services under the contract. Once the contract is awarded, vendors must adhere to strict requirements and regulations to maintain their status as an OGS contract holder.

Benefits of OGS Contracts

There are several benefits of OGS contracts for both vendors and government agencies. For vendors, having an OGS contract means they have a reliable source of revenue and can save time and money on the bidding process for future government contracts. For government agencies, using OGS contracts means they can purchase goods and services quickly, efficiently, and at competitive prices. The contracts also help ensure consistency in the procurement process across state agencies, reducing the potential for fraud or abuse.


OGS contracts play a critical role in the procurement process for state government agencies. They provide a streamlined way for government agencies to purchase goods and services at competitive prices, while also providing a consistent and reliable source of revenue for vendors. By understanding how OGS contracts work, vendors can position themselves to take advantage of these opportunities, while government agencies can maximize their purchasing power and efficiency.